Monday, December 31, 2007

new watercolours

Some ladies that I painted using watercolours. I wish i could scan them better, they seem to lose their vibrance or something through scanning.


Anonymous said...

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myke_bakich said...

Hey Jodi!

Nice Watercolours!

How are you doing? Whats New?

In response to the question you asked on my blog many moons ago :
I'm a Layout artist during the week and teaching life drawing on weekends. Unfortunalty my classes are from 2-5 so I miss out on subway sketching, However the terms done at the end of february, so I hope to see you there in March.

All the Best,


ALEXIS said...

thanx for your comment.
I could say the same of ur works, really like your water color sketches.

wish u all the best for what's coming next.

Tobias Schwarz said...

nice sketches!

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