Monday, July 08, 2013

VM Farms promo and website

This promo was done a little while ago, and was really fun to work on.  A lot of the ideas came from VM Farms (and Mr. Matt O'Leary), and the ninjas you see are actually employees.  What makes this promo unique is that the concept was followed through to their website.  Near the end of production I was asked to created a few illustrations and animated gifs for the site.  I don't usually get a lot of time to work on a promo, and rarely get a lot of time (if any) for pre-production.  So it's usually near the end of production that I really get to know a character and start having more fun animating them.  This time I got to keep the fun going by continuing the work after production.

The promo is embedded below, but check out the website as well.  You may have to mouseover or click a graphic to see it move, but there is something on each page :)

VM Farms

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